From Rags to Riches.......Rich at Heart ;)

Updated: Jan 19

My dream is to never have to worry about another bill in my life! Hence the word "worry" I mean it is so disheartening to get a check and have to spend the majority of it on living expenses. And just when you think you have taken care of every bill here comes another one. It's the fear of constantly wondering what scary bill is going to peek its head around the corner next smh sacrificing dream vacations, new clothes, random nights out on the town etc. Why? Responsibilities, that's why. I just want to be rich. In my first attempt to become rich I realized I was low on time, most of my day was spent working and maintaining the life I currently had. That usually consist of completing chores around the house, food shopping, cooking, organizing, and throw in a little bit of self care (a shower) and BOOM it's time to go to bed. It was then that I realized I needed more than money, I need a plan. I needed a proven method that I could follow to live the life I have always dreamed of. That would include a change of the mind, specifically my thinking patterns. I have always been accustomed to being broke and have adapted to the lifestyle pattern of worrying, hesitant to live my life to the fullest extent without the dreadful thought of bills. I had to ask myself a series of questions like What makes me happy? What is your passion? Do you place yourself as a priority or do you place yourself last? I found out I wasn't living happy, passionate, or important, and that was a major problem. Interior decorating made me happy, and I'm most passionate when I am helping others so I headed to the store for some inexpensive DIY's. I love flowers, decorative vases, pillows, faux throw blankets, wall art, candles, etc. I set my sights on a couple of items from stores like Ross, Michaels, and The Dollar Tree ( I told you inexpensive) I purchased them and I made it a priority to focus o